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Types of Advertising Signs

Backlit-Vinyl-SB530-440g-You would think that all signs designed and built for the purpose of attracting business are the same; however, there are many different types of commercial signs. Here’s a quick breakdown of various kinds of advertising signs.

Much sign terminology is based on where the sign is physically located on the business establishment. A very common location sign is a window sign, which is a sign that is placed directed onto, behind, or within the direct vicinity of the store window. There is the canopy sign which is a sign above any type of protective awning or cover located over entrances or exits of businesses. There is the roof sign, which obviously is a sign placed onto the roof of an establishment or any of the servicing buildings of the establishment. There is the wall sign, which can be commercially printed or painted. It’s generally considered commercial if there are any types of logos, trademarks, locations, phone numbers, or any other business-related markings. Walls signs made for artistic purposes are generally considered murals. A projecting sign is a sign that extends from a building and is typically targeted at passer-by foot traffic. The billboard is a raised, off-site sign, typically roadside and much larger than other types of signs. People also advertise on mobile vehicular signs.

Advertising signs also differ in size and shape and are hung in different ways. There are commercial banners, flags, and pennants which are usually made of fabric, plastic, or paper. These are usually less permanent and are attached on poles, vehicles, or buildings with nails, rope, or adhesive.